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Flower Crown

I encourage you to watch the video once all the way until the end before designing to give you an idea of the basic steps of creating a flower crown. If you have any questions or need clarification, don't hesitate to text Lauren at (831) 524-5904



Paper-covered wire

     Mix of sturdy flowers, greenery, and textural accents

22-guage floral wire

Floral tape


Create Bunches

  1. Determine the circumference of your crown by placing it on your head and cutting it to length, make a loop on each end.

  2. Cut flowers down to a stem length of 1 1/2 inches.

  3. Individually wire ranunculus, carnations, and any flower heads without a stem: crimp a straight piece of wire to form a hook and carefully slip it through the center of the flower bud. 

  4. Create mini bunches by combining floral ingredients and securing with floral tape. Floral tape becomes sticky as your stretch it - so make sure you pull gently and stretch it as you wrap. 


Attach to Base

5. To create the crown, take a bundle and lay it on the paper covered wire beginning at a looped end. Wrap floral tape around the bundle and paper wire a few times until secure


6. Add remaining bundles, facing them the same directions. Place them overlapping the previous bundle’s stem ends


Finishing Touches

7. When you have completed your desired length, loop end and wrap with tape. Add ribbon and adorn yourself with your beautiful new crown (which you totally should wear like the Queen you are!)

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