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DIY Holiday Wreath

Thank you for purchasing one of our DIY holiday wreath kits. These instructions are to teach the technique of design. Creativity and personal style is encouraged to create a wreath unique to you and your home.

Before you begin

A few things to keep in mind...

1. Evergreen material contains sap which is hard to remove. Select a large, clean working space to design your wreath. Sap may get on your hands - wear gloves if desired.

2. Some material may be pokey. Handle with care.


Step 1

Cut down evergreens and foliage to desired length. Longer stems will give a more organic, wild look. Shorter stems will create a neat, uniform design.

If you are using Juniper stems, remove bottom foliage.

Step 2

Begin by inserting stems into the grapevine wreath form.
Continue to layer in varying pieces of foliage.


Step 3

You can continue to go in one direction, or you can find a midpoint and begin inserting foliage in the opposite direction.


Step 4

Add in pinecones where desired. Wrap wire around frame and twist to secure.

Add bow to wreath using the same technique.

Step back, have a look, and add in as needed. If you have any fun and festive items in your stock, I encourage you to add them! Examples are fresh herbs, dried fruits, faux flowers, etc. 


Hang and Enjoy!

Traditional or modern, contained or wild, themed or everyday - just have fun with it!

If you need further assistance, tips, or suggestions, feel free to text Lauren at (831) 524-5904

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