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Our Favorite Books about Flowers and Gardening

Spring is near and signs of new life are popping up everywhere. In our home, we are creating our garden plan and having fun selecting different types of flowers we want to grow.

Gardening and planting flowers is a wonderful opportunity to teach young ones about nature and the cycle from seed to plant. Here are a number of charming books that teach some of the beginning concepts of gardening and growing flowers. Appropriate for the preschool years through adolescent, these delightful books are bound to inspire some home gardening projects and budding green thumbs!

The Little Gardener (Teeny Greenies)

The Little Gardener by Jan Gerardi is the perfect book for teaching garden vocabulary to children ages 0-3. Follow along as the little gardener prepares her garden and plants seeds. It keeps children engaged with flaps to lift and surprises underneath!

Mrs. Peanuckle's Flower Alphabet

Mrs. Peanuckle's Flower Alphabet by Mrs. Peanuckle is a vibrantly illustrated book containing 26 flowers from Aster to Zinnia. It is a great book for children ages 0-5. Each page contains a flower with a defining characteristic and some surprising! Did you know there are twice as many orchid species as bird species? Children will love reading through this book with it's bold illustrations and interesting facts about different types of flowers!

Zinnia's Flower Garden

Zinnia's Flower Garden by Monica Wellington is a sweet story about a little girl named Zinnia who can't wait to plant her seeds and watch them grow. It is a great book for children

ages 3-5. Follow along as she carefully takes care of her garden and soon enough watches her seeds turn into spouts, and sprouts into flowers. Children will be inspired by the colorful pages and Zinnia's hardwork in growing her flower garden - they may even want to start their own flower garden after reading this book!

The Tiny Seed

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle illustrates the lifecycle of a flower seed suitable for children ages 4-7. The book begins with the journey of many seeds blown in the wind. But one by one, the seeds are lost - dried out by the sun, eaten by a bird. The book ends with only one tiny seed that grows into a giant flower which sends its seeds into the wind again in the fall.

A fun bonus is that this book comes with its very own seed paper which you and your children can plant outside, care for, and ultimately enjoy the wildflowers that grow from it.

We are the Gardeners

We are the Gardeners by Joanna Gaines is a lovely story about their own family's journey in starting a garden. From failed endeavors to overcoming obstacles, they continue to learn and improve in caring for their garden. This story is great for ages 4-8 as it highlights that trying something new isn't always easy but hard-work often yields great reward.

Flowers (Nature Explorers)

For older children ages 8 and up who are looking to learn more about flowers, I highly recommend Flowers by DK. Each page is exploding with information about flowers: lifecycles, parts, pollination, and so much more. It is filled with real life, up close photos of all thing relating to flowers. It is the perfect companion for young minds eager to learn more!

There are great flower books for all ages, these are just a few that we really enjoy. They make thoughtful gifts for young learners or helpful additions to science units. We love to read each one and hope that you find one you enjoy as well.

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